David Icke was deceived:

The Oligarchs are Not Reptilians.

They are Nordic Aliens.

We have had a general rule on our websites to not write negative stories against anyone. However, we are going to break that rule in this instance, in order to save lives.

David Icke was wrong. He told the world in 1999 in “The Biggest Secret – a horrible book that tries to rewrite history without giving a single reference –  that the queen of England and other members of the Illuminati are not human but are shapeshifting reptilians. We even helped him spread this story with by publishing an interview where claimed that many journalists told him that they had seen politicians shapeshift! Now, years later, we realise the flaw in this story – the journalists are as much, if not more, part of the control of earth as the politicians. That story was one big fat lie. A large “Fake News” project.

It was partly true. The oligarchs, rulers, celebrities and billionaires that rule earth are not human. The truth is something else. David Icke’s job was to train your mind so you could never see the truth. It is easier to write on the whiteboard of the mind when there is nothing on it, than it is to erase something already there and write something else. His job was to get in first and tell you a lie so that later you would not recognise the truth later on.


Icke’s job was to set the paradigm (pronounced parra-dime). Nothing explains how powerful paradigms are better than the following excerpt from Stephen Covey’s excellent book (that I strongly recommend you read): Seven Habits of Highly Effective People:

The word paradigm … is … used today to mean a model, theory, perception, assumption, or frame of reference.

In the more general sense, it’s the way we “see” the world — not in terms of our visual sense of sight, but in terms of perceiving, understanding, and interpreting.

We interpret everything we experience through these mental maps. We seldom question their accuracy; we’re usually even unaware that we have them. We simply assume that the way we see things is the way they really are or the way they should be.”


Now, take a few seconds and look at the image above.

After you have done that, look at the picture below and carefully describe what you see:

Do you see a woman?

How old would you say she is?

What does she look like?

What is she wearing?

In what kind of roles do you see her?

You probably would describe the woman in the second picture to be about 25 years old — very lovely, rather fashionable with a petite nose and demure presence.

If you were a single man you might like to take her out. If you were in retailing, you might hire her as a fashion model.

But what if I were to tell you that you’re wrong?

What if I said this picture is of a woman in her 60s or 70s who looks sad, has a huge nose, and certainly is no model.

She’s someone you probably would help cross the street.

Who’s right?

Look at the picture again.

Can you see the old woman?

If you can’t, keep trying.

Can you see her big hook nose?

Her shawl?

If you and I were talking face to face, we could discuss the picture. You could describe what you see to me, and I could talk to you about what I see. We could continue to communicate until you clearly showed me what you see in the picture and I clearly showed you what I see.

Because we can’t do that, look at the image below and study the picture there and then look at this picture again.

Can you see the old woman now?

It’s important that you see her before you continue reading.I first encountered this exercise many years ago at the Harvard Business School.

The instructor was using it to demonstrate clearly and eloquently that two people can see the same thing, disagree, and yet both be right.


It’s not logical; it’s psychological.


Here is the picture of the old woman:


I was at a seminar once where the instructor said that he was present at a seminar where about 50 people were first given the picture of the young woman, and the other 50 people were given the picture of the old woman. Then the instructor asked everyone to describe what they saw. Apparently a huge fight ensued! People almost came to blows! Yelling at people who opposed them, calling them stupid, unable to believe that the others did not agree with them – until the composite picture was given and explained.


Being the first person to set a paradigm is very powerful. And that is what David Icke did by telling the world that the rulers of this world are reptilians. He was helped enormously with this by the oligarchs themselves. To start with, Icke was already a famous person in England as a  former BBC TV sports presenter. His books were distributed everywhere – even in Barnes & Noble in the USA! And now he regularly fills Wembley Stadium with 12,000 people. If he was really a threat to the oligarchs, he would not be allowed to even speak there.



Reptilians are real. And, yes, they can shapeshift. This was all recorded excellently by Branton long before David Icke promoted the idea of reptilians to the world. (We have spoken with Branton and believe that he is a very brave and true man who the evil ones have done bad things to. One of his best books was The Dulce Book).

But reptilians are not all that common. The beings who keep this planet so tightly controlled are everywhere – Hollywood, TV, the news, newspapers, politicians at federal, state and local levels, military, hospitals, police etc. It’s not that easy to hide scales and tail and so therefore the oligarchs tend to keep the reptilians in the underground military bases.


What is easier to disguise are Nordic aliens. That is because they look human. We believe that they are, in fact, partly human. Propaganda says they are “tall, blonde and beautiful” but just like humans, that’s just some of them. A lot of them are white, but they can have any skin color and any hair color.


They can have any eye color (especially with colored contact lenses) but mostly their eyes are blue. We are not saying that all blue-eyed people are Nordic aliens, but if you start to watch how many politicians, actors and top-level business leaders have blue eyes, you may begin to see that the percentage is much, much higher than in the general population.

The following videos are show how blonde hair and blue eyes is among all kind of people, even the New Zealand maoris:

Blonde maoris

Blonde blue eyes Iranians

Blue eyed ancient buddhists




Bound into the bandages wrapping the mummy of Tutankhamun, Howard Carter believed that this pectoral was a piece of jewelry that the king would have worn while still living.


Nordic aliens can be any size, but since a lot of actors are Nordic aliens, we have decided that a lot of them are really quite short. That would explain the often asked question, “Why are so many famous actors so short?” After all, they have to go to a lot extra trouble to make all those short people look as though they are normal sizes.


We suspect also that Nordic aliens, or at least Nordic-human hybrids, are more likely to have genetic anomalies, such as they way a number of famous people have six toes. The media like to pass this off as nothing unusual, but how many six toed people do you know? Oprah is an example (they would never let a human have as much influence as she does):


The Nordic Aliens are the same people who ruled Atlantis, and later Egypt. They were the Nazis who said that blonde hair and blue eyes was superior. A lot of them naturally have blonde hair.


Since observing Nordic aliens we began to notice that a number of them have extra long necks. The ones that do often try to disguise it with the collar or long hair. What’s especially weird is that the length of their neck seems to change – sometimes it’s definitely non-human long and others looks reasonable.


The main difference between Nordic aliens and us is that they have a slit pupil, not a round one. That’s the only shapeshifting they have to do -hide that. However, they are not able to hold the shape as well when they are experiencing strong emotions. If you want to see this for yourself, do two things. First say to yourself the following, “I break the code of disillusion. I am willing to see all that is before me.” It can help to say also, “In Jesus name’, I break the code of disillusion. I am willing to see all that is before me.”

The discovery of the power of this wording was made by this woman:

After doing that, the second thing is to watch very closely the pupils of all actors and politicians, especially if they are being emotional (either real or actoring). After rewatching many old movies, even black and white ones, we have seen regularly, for a second or two, every now and again, nearly all actors show a slit pupil. You will too if you do this closely enough. We were amazed to see how we had never noticed this years ago. That’s because our paradigm said that all actors are human, and all humans have round pupils. Once you know that nearly all famous and influential people are Nordic aliens, they will not be able to fool you anymore.

Slit pupils are used by some animals to help hypnotize prey. Examples are snakes and pumas. Two stories can illustrate this:

  1. I came across a post on a forum by someone who once was out in the wilderness and they saw a teenage boy totally frozen still, standing up. In the tree above him was a puma, just staring at him. The boy was in a trance. The man yelled out, and the trance was broken, and the boy began to move and the puma ran away.

  2. When I was 16 years old I had a week’s work experience at a small zoo. What happened in the reptile house has stayed in my mind forever because I could not understand until now what happened. I was allowed to look after all the animals on my own except for the reptiles. When it came to feed them, a keeper took me behind the scenes. I clearly remember seeing a huge, fat python coiled up, on the right hand side of my field of vision. The keeper picked up a rat with a tongs and bashed its head to knock it unconscious. Then he held it to the python…WHAM…it was in the pythons mouth! Instantly. I never saw the python move. It was if I was in some kind of trance or time stopped or something weird. I feel that the python did something that effected my perceptionsI wonder if it was some type of hypnosis.

Animals with vertically elongated pupils are very likely to be ambush predators which hide until they strike their prey from relatively close distance. They also tend to have eyes on the front of their heads. Foxes and domestic cats are clear examples of this.”

The pictures of Neolithic statues shows rulers with slit eyed pupils:

The Nordic Aliens were the same people who ruled Atlantis and Egypt. That’s why the oligarchs use so much Egyptian symbology, such as on the dollar bill and planting Egyptian obelisks (phallic symbols) everywhere, even in the USA.


I hadn’t visited www.DavidIcke.com for a long time as all the headlines are incredibly negative and disempowering, but strangely had a hunch that I should visit again today. What a surprise! Icke has not mentioned anything about reptilians for years – but suddenly there he is again, being talked about by The Express, no less, with his theory that the queen is a shapeshifting reptilian! Could it be that our attempts to teach people that the oligarchs, actors and business people who rule earth are not reptilians, but in fact Nordic aliens is finally getting through to a significant number of people? We sure pray that is the case.