Again, while the government run “UFO Business” of websites, books, videos and conferences has been pointing at lights in the sky and whispering about “alien disclosure”, someone else has been running a game on you.

The Nordic-Nachash, descendants of Cain, have spend many centuries planning their harvest of earth. This particular ezine, published over 31 years ago, was one of many pieces of propaganda coming from various sources concerning the “Ashtar Command” and their “Project Earth Evacuation”.

Phoenix Journal 5 – Chapter 5 – Page 33 – Sept 4, 1989

Warning – demonic content –


We have millions of ships stationed in the skies above your planet, ready to instantly lift you off at the first warning of your planet’s beginning to tilt on its axis. When this occurs, we have only a very short time segment in which we can lift you from. The surface before great tidal waves will lash your coastlines. These waves can be as deep as five miles or more. They will subsequently cover much of your land masses. Your melting polar ice caps are contributing greatly to the unequal balance of the orb itself.

We are very experienced in the evacuation of populations of planets! It would be grand if this were not necessary to be true, but alas, it is not even all that uncommon for many various reasons. We will stick to yours and what you might expect

We expect, and are practiced and prepared to complete the evacuation of Earth of the souls of Light in some fifteen minutes, regardless of numbers. Further, we will rescue the souls of Light first. (Not a bad idea to get on that Light List.) Our computers are massive and self updating. Each entity is entered into the system and all changes, to the minute details, are constantly updated.


After the souls of Light have been evacuated, then the children will ALL be lifted off. The children are considered to be non-accountable, so they will be evacuated to special ships to be cared for until they can be reunited with their parents or placed for indefinite care and tending. We have ones well trained for the specific task of handling the children and their trauma. Many may be put into sleep for a period of time to help them overcome their fear and anxiety. Our computer system is far, far beyond anything ever used thus far on Earth in this age it can locate parents of specific children wherever they may be and notify one another of safety or status. THE CHILDREN WILL BE LIFTED TO SAFETY DURING THE EVACUATION, SO DO NOT GIVE UNDUE THOUGHT TO THEM. DO NOT SEEK TO UNITE BEFORE LIFT OFF–TEND YOURSELF AND WE WILL TEND THE CONFUSION.

After the evacuation of the children, the invitation will be extended to all remaining souls on the planet to join us. However, this will be for only a very, very short time period, perhaps another fifteen minutes or so.


After lift-off you will be taxied by the shuttle (lift-off) craft to our “mother ships” which are anchored even higher above the planet. There you will be taken care of, depending upon your circumstance. Some of you will need medical care, others will be quite wonderful, but hyper excited and agitated. Some will be frantic over family members, etc. We have expert medical staff that will be there to treat you with highly advanced equipment — some will simply be placed into a state of sleep until vital signs regain normal status. You will be fed and housed until such time as transfer elsewhere is advisable. Some of you will be taken to cities on other planets to be trained in advanced technology before being returned to the planet Earth to start rebuilding. This will all be determined by counseling or prearrangement. Children will be reunited with parents and families, etc.


This is their Project Plan –  Activate the project at the appropriate time to allow the maximum collection of human cattle prior to the ELE event. Process the human cattle into biological products and allow a certain percentage to be cold stored for future use.

MILITARY ARISTOCRACY = NAZIS = CORPORATIONS = NORDIC ALIENS = The harvest of humans for profit and life extension of the Nordic Aliens. They get life extension. You get life extinction.

No matter what the government says.

No matter what your family says.

No matter what your church says.

No matter what your friends say.

No matter the offer of wealth.

No matter the offer of health.

No matter the offer of youth.

No matter the job opportunity.

No matter how important you will be.

No matter what the celebrities say.

No matter how big the house they offer.

No matter the deal.

Do not believe them.

They are lying..

Remember, YOU are THEIR business. YOU are THEIR product.

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